Adele Weight Loss – 2021 Before and After Result

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Adele, who has just celebrated her 32th birthday, appeared totally emaciated in a new Snapshot that she posted on Instagram. The singer would have lost 45 pounds since the announcement of her divorce. Back on her journey and her physical evolution in pictures.

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To celebrate her 32 years, Adele made a big surprise to her followers on Instagram, on May 5: the singer, who had not posted on social networks for several months, has published a new photo on which she is almost unrecognizable. Dressed in a sexy little dress, the interpreter of Someone Like You appears emaciated and smiling, and comments in a message to her fans: “Thank you for your love, I hope you are all safe and sound during this crazy period “.

Metamorphosed, the singer obtained her new figure by practicing intermittent fasting, a practice which consists in depriving herself of food for 16 hours of the day. Result? The star lost 45 kg, according to the Sun. This type of diet was popularized by medical journalist Michael Mosley whose book Eats, Fast, Maigris has revolutionized the lives of many foodies.

In recent months, Adele has settled the final details of her divorce from Simon Konecki, father of her 7-year-old son Angelo. Meanwhile, there were rumors of a suspected new romance between Adele and Harry Styles, former member of the One Direction group.

A (possible) couple to say the least improbable! However, the latter denied the information in March 2020, at the microphone of Sirius XM, explaining that the two artists were only friends. Look in photos his journey and his physical evolution:

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Adele Back on the way to Dazzling Glory:

Born on May 5, 1988 in the popular district of Tottenham in North London, Adele is the daughter of an English masseuse and a Welsh plumber. Raised by her mother, the little girl begins to sing from the age of 4 and gradually discovers the artists who will inspire her throughout her career: the Spice Girls, The Cure, Peggy Lee or Beyoncé.

adele childhood

She joined the BRIT School, a school of the performing arts, in 2002 and composed her first song Hometown Glory when she was only 16 years old. This title will appear in album 19, signed by the label which discovers it at the exit of the school in 2006. It is the beginning of the success for the young singer, who leaves on tour for the United States in 2009 then receives the Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Best Pop Singer.

In her native country, she also made a hit and the Prime Minister sent her a letter of thanks, where he described it as “light at the end of the tunnel” in this period of economic crisis.

Rise of a Diva:

After 19, it is 21 which meets with planetary success. Released in 2011, the album is number 1 in sales in the United Kingdom and sold a total of more than 31 million copies: a record since 2000. The titles Someone Like You, Rolling in the Deep and Set Fire To The Rain are participating in this crazy ascent and are on everyone’s lips. The British star received 2 NRJ Music Awards, 6 Grammys and 2 Brit Awards in 2012, Critics praise and agree that she is unique.

adele 21 album

A recognition which however does not rise to the head of the artist. Adele multiplies jokes and anecdotes at each concert and does not hesitate to be as close to her audience, but also to her family. The singer gives birth to a baby boy, named Angelo, on October 19, 2012. A child for whom she will take a break in her career after the triumph of Skyfall.

This song, used for the credits of the 23rd installment of the James Bond saga, reinforces its impact on a planetary scale. She received the Oscar for best film music of the year in 2013 as well as many other awards.

Hello It’s Me:

In 2015, Adele returns to the front of the music scene with her new album 25. Her single Hello exceeds all expectations and her clip explodes the record of views in 24 hours on Youtube. For the occasion, the singer embarks on her third tour, Adele Live 2016.

adele 25

However, the English diva begins to see her voice weaken and must therefore cancel two dates at Wembley stadium in London in July 2017. She confides to her audience that she could stop the scene, because it suits her less and less less. Since then, the singer has been more discreet. These titles still resonate in our heads and have not finished moving the whole planet.

  • What is the first name of celebrity Adele?

The first name of the personality Adele is Adele. The star’s first name, last name or nickname begins with the letter or letters of the alphabet a.

  • What is the real or full name of the celebrity Adele?

Adele’s real or full personality name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.

  • In which city was the celebrity Adele born?

The birthplace of Adele’s personality is London. .

  • In which country was the star Adele born?

The star Adele was born on the Continent: European – Country: England.

  • What is the nationality of the Adele personality?

The star Adele is of British nationality.

  • When was celebrity Adele born?

The personality Adele was born on May 5, 1988, 1980s. Day of birth: May 5, Month of birth: May, Year of birth: 1988, 1980s.

  • How old is celebrity Adele?

The personality Adele is 32 years old.

  • What is the astrological sign of the celebrity Adele?

The star Adele has for astrological sign of the zodiac Taurus.

  • What is the Chinese astrological sign of celebrity Adele?

The star Adele has the Chinese astrological sign Dragon.

  • How tall is the celebrity Adele?

The star Adele is 1m71 tall.

  • What is the hair color of the star Adele?

The star Adele with blond hair.

  • What is the color of celebrity Adele’s eyes?

Star Adele with Green Eyes.

  • What are the origins of the Adele personality?

The star Adele has origins, Caucasian ancestors.

  • What is the profession / activity of celebrity Adele?

The profession / activity of star Adele is Singer (Music).

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